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Psychological and Educational Assessments

Not all issues can be fully understood by therapy alone. Assessments play a critical role in helping to understand and diagnose underlying problems that therapy may point to, but specific tests are needed to confirm the issue.

These assessments are often required by schools, colleges and universities to allow students to receive the help and academic accommodations they need. Workplaces may also request them for employees who are struggling, to help place the employee in the best work setting for their needs and to get them the right type of help.

During these assessments, I collect information from a variety of sources including; standardised tests interviews, with teachers, family and friends, school or work records and comprehensive questionnaires. Assessments can help to uncover academic, cognitive, behavioural and developmental issues including:
  Learning Disorders
  Developmental Delays
   Mental Health Conditions (Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder)
   Personality Disorders
   Language Disorders
   Memory Problems
   Behavioural Problems

The process can take 4 to 6 hours over two to three sessions, depending on the type of evaluation. The goal is to better understand how the child or adult learns and processes information and how they function socially and emotionally. After the results are analyzed, a report with recommendations is written and shared with you. We then meet to discuss the results during an in person or online session. 
I provide in person assessments for persons ages 4 years and older. Some assessments can also be provided virtually for persons 12 years and older within the Caribbean, or in regions where resources are not available. To learn more about the different types of assessments I offer click the button below.

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