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Psychotherapy involves helping clients explore their thoughts and feelings to better understand themselves and their experiences and teaching them how to reduce the impact of memories and emotions.


My therapy approach focusses on identifying and replacing unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours that impact emotions and mental health. Development of coping skills and problem-solving skills are also addressed. For persons healing from traumatic experiences, including difficult childhoods, I use additional approaches such as inner child work, emotional freedom techniques, somatic exercises and internal family systems techniques.

I am also trained in EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, which focusses on processing trauma memories using left-right eye stimulation. This helps release emotions that have been blocked by trauma. Research suggests,​that EMDR can provide faster relief from trauma symptoms.

I provide therapy online and in person for the following issues:
   - Depression 
   - Anxiety
   - Panic Attacks
   - Self Esteem
   - PTSD
   - Traumatic Events
  - Life transitions
​  -Well-being support
Not everyone who comes to therapy has mental health concerns. Some people just want a safe space to talk and help navigating daily life challenges.  

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